New Drug on the Horizon Promises Fewer Migraines Per Month

A new drug promises the hope of fewer painful days per month for migraine suffers.  The drug manufacturers, Amgen Inc., and Novartis hope to apply for FDA approval for their drug, erenumab, some time in 2017.


Amgen Inc and Novartis said late on Wednesday that episodic migraine sufferers reported fewer debilitating headaches per month after using the companies’ investigational drug erenumab, compared to trial participants who got a placebo.


Novartis anticipates filing for approval of erenumab, also known as AMG 334, next year, and will now discuss the latest data will regulators, it said.


In a second late-stage study of Amgen and Novartis’s protein-blocking migraine drug, patients receiving once monthly 70 milligram doses experienced a reduction of 3.2 days from baseline in monthly migraine days, while those on 140 milligram experienced reduction of 3.7 days.


Those in the placebo experienced a 1.8-day reduction, the companies said in separate releases about the study, in which patients were experiencing an average of 8.3 migraine days per month.


Analysts said this latest data underscored results from earlier studies and builds on additional trials that the companies have conducted with erenumab against chronic migraine, another form of the condition.


Read the rest of the story at Reuters.

Image credit: Jonathan Silverberg via Flickr

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