New Research Suggests that Oral Bacteria Play a Role in Migraine

Medical News Today reported  that researchers have discovered a link between the prevalence of certain bacteria in the mouths of migraine sufferers that may help scientists narrow down the causes of these debilitating headaches:


In all, they sequenced the bacteria found in 172 oral samples and 1,996 fecal samples of healthy participants. Each participant in the project had completed questionnaires at the start of the study; one question ascertained whether they suffered from migraines.

Image by Meditations from Pixabay


When bacteria from people who get migraines (migraineurs) was compared with non-migraineurs, there was little difference in the types of species present. However, importantly, there were differences in the abundance of some species.


In the migraineur group’s fecal samples, there was a small, but significantly greater quantity of genes coding for nitrate, nitrite, and nitric oxide-related enzymes.


When the same comparison was made in the oral bacteria, the difference was even greater.

Read the full story on Medical News Today.

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