Startling (and Scary) Facts About Men and Migraine

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Although migraine is more common in women than men, guys suffer from these painful headaches, too. Paula K. Dumas of reveals 10 startling facts about men and migraines:


1. Plenty of Men Get Migraines. According to the Migraine Research Foundation, 1 in 18 men have migraine.  That number is probably low due to the fact that …

2. Men are Less Likely to Get an Accurate Diagnosis:  Over half of migraines are misdiagnosed.  According to the non-profit Migraine Awareness Group MAGNUM, approximately 60% of women and 70% of men with Migraine have never been diagnosed with Migraine.

3. Men with migraine have a greater risk of heart attack.  Thinking it’s just a sinus headache or tension headache could be a life or death delusion.  If it’s migraine, men are at 42% greater risk of a heart attack vs. non-migraineurs, according to Christina Peterson, MD, director of Oregon Headache Clinic.

4. Men (and women) often mistake migraine for a sinus headache. Some symptoms are the same, but sinus headaches don’t keep coming back.

5. Men who played contact sports can be at greater risk for migraine due to concussions. The post-traumatic headache after concussion is well-reported at 86% or more.


Okay, number 3 is really scary: men who get migraines are at a 42 percent increased risk for heart attack. That’s pretty significant. If you’re a man with migraine, or you think you might be, please see your doctor!


Migraine sufferers are already stigmatized, and men suffer this stigma the worst because they are always expected to be strong. It’s sad, and apparently, it can kill.


Read the full article 10 Things You Should Know About Men and Migraines on Paula’s site, Thanks for a great list, Paula!

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