Survey Reveals The Healthcare Costs of Migraine Are High

A new survey out of the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond found that healthcare costs for migraine sufferers were $9 billion per year when compared to people without migraine. The study’s authors recommend curbing these expenses by gaining an understanding of the types of outpatient services migraineurs are most likely to use.


The estimated adjusted incremental total direct healthcare expenditures for individuals with migraine were approximately $9.20 billion a year compared to those without migraine (P< 0.001), reported Amit D. Raval, PhD, of HealthCore in Wilmington, Del., and Anal Shah, a PhD candidate at the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.


Nearly two-thirds of the total healthcare expenditures came from outpatient and prescription drug expenses, a finding comparable to results from previous studies, they wrote online in the Journal of Pain.


“Our study findings suggest the need to design and implement policy and interventions to reduce excess healthcare expenditures among individuals with migraine,” the authors wrote. “Future research should also be focused on better understanding the types of outpatient services used among individuals with migraine.”


Read the entire article on Medpage Today.

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